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Shaun Mathis Writers Room Collective is an award winning Writer's Room located in Atlanta GA.


The Writer's Room has close to 50 members with 4 previous writers now staffed as writers on major network television shows. 

Classes are held each Thursday from 7pm EST - 11pm EST via zoom. Zoom allows anyone around the world to join, you don't have to be in Atlanta. 

Each class is recorded so if you miss a week, don't fret, a video and transcript of the class can be emailed to you. 

To join, send $25 (monthly) via cash app to $AntiHeroShaun then send an email to with your email to be sent the link. 


We Teach

We teach the fundamentals of screen writing and more. 

The idea is you have to know the basics in order to write extraordinary, that means not skipping steps. 

In Shaun Mathis Writers Room Collective, we teach; The Art of Storytelling, How to Construct the perfect log-line, How to Outline, Creating a Beat Sheet, Character Development, Theme, Tone, Antagonist, The Protagonist, How to Write Climax, and so much more. 

As bonus, every 4 months, we write a short film script from beginning to end as a collective. Then we fund it and film it. This gives every writer the opportunity to learn how to go from script to screen. 

Sound good? Then what are you waiting for. Sign up today!


  1. If it is your first time in the room, be prepared with a log-line. If you don't know what a log-line is, google it!

  2. Participation is a must!

  3. Have thick skin, leave your sensitvity at the door It's about the work, not about your feelings. There's no "Yes Men" in the room. 

  4. Homework is given every week and you are required to complete assignments. If you don't, then it's your career and time, not mine. 

  5. DO NOT STEAL anyone's work. 

  6. Disrespect will not be tolerated. 

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